Bedbug Bite

Bedbug bite is a lot harder to identify since it is similar to mosquito bites and does not appear immediately, so it is not surprising that many people does not know that they have a bed bug infestation until the problem has worsen already. This article will help you know the symptoms so you can do something about your problem immediately.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are wingless insects that live off animals and human blood. They have been around for millions of years and have learned to adapt to human environment. Bed bugs prefer to nest in mattresses and sofas, so it is important to check the beds in your home or hotel if you are traveling because bedbug bite can be very itchy and at the same time discomforting when the symptoms develops.

What Are The Symptoms?

Keep in mind that the bites of a bed bug is similar to other insect bites, which is why many people confuse the bites as ordinary mosquito bites. However, if you know the pattern of how bedbugs bite then you can easily recognize if the bites are from bed bugs or not. The common symptom you need to watch out for is the red welts that appear on the skin longer than usual, as most mosquito bites does not last long. Moreover, the insect bites will not cause you any discomfort at first, especially in the first few days or when the red welts is still small and in the early stage.

Bedbug bite also have a pattern, and these bite marks can leave a burning sensation on the skin and can be very itchy after a couple of days or so. By the way, the symptoms can vary from one person to another, especially when an individual has allergy. If you have an allergy then you are more sensitive to insect bites and for that reason, you can feel the discomfort that comes from the bite of bed bugs immediately. If you are not allergic to insect saliva then the symptoms will appear after 9 days, unless you are bitten many times then the symptoms will show earlier.

Take note, bedbug bite are almost the same as mosquito bites, wherein a small red bump will appear on the skin but you will know that it is the real thing when you see a unique pattern of bites. The pattern usually in liner form and the bites comes in four or three bites.

Importance of Knowing The Symptoms

The fact that bedbug bite is similar to mosquito, it is no longer surprising to know that some people assume that the marks left behind by bed bugs are just ordinary insect bites. Actually, even doctor sometimes misdiagnosed the marks as allergic rashes or scabies. If you do not want to be given an antihistamine or steroids because of a misdiagnosed then you should learn the symptoms of bed bug bites.

Other Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites To Watch Out For?

Bedbug bite does not appear for some time, but there are instances when a person can develop the symptoms right away as said earlier. If you are oversensitive then you can easily see blisters on your skin just few minutes after being bitten or you can go into an anaphylactic shock as the bed bugs saliva can trigger an allergy.

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