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Best Mosquito Repellent

We often wonder which is the best mosquito repellent in the market today. Mosquito repellents are graded by two factors: The percentage of repellency and the active duration time. These factors, of course, are not the same in different parts of the world, for different mosquito species, for different user activity and so on.

Nevertheless, average successes according to these factors were tested for most common repellent, to help decide which is the best mosquito repellent. I add another factor (requirement) to the two above no negative side effects. Since we put the repellent on our skin, future toxic side-effects must be considered. Mosquito repellents with DEET as the active ingredient are known to answer successfully to the first two requirements, but in the last couple of decades, they are also suspected to have substantial negative side effects. Other synthetic repellents may also have side effects not yet discovered, so I prefer to choose my best mosquito repellent from the natural repellants – that are very common nowadays.

The best mosquito repellent must reach 100% repellency (or nearly 100%), at least at the beginning of its use. Less than that may give you relief but would you notice it? I doubt if you will approve mosquito repellent that helps you get only 4 bites instead of getting bitten 10 times (a 60% repellency). Most people will consider it as a 100% failure… Call us spoiled, but when we choose our mosquito repellent we expect nothing less than 100% protection, at least for start.

What is the minimum active duration time for “best mosquito repellent”? Many repellents are effective no more than a couple of hours. That implies that you cannot put the repellant on and go to a day hiking leaving it behind. More important, if you go to sleep in a mosquito infested area you will have to wake up every couple of hours to put an additional layer of your mosquito repellent to remain protected. To my opinion 6 to 8 hours is the minimum active duration time for any repellant to be considered the best mosquito repellent.

The best mosquito repellent, in my opinion, is “Mosi-Guard”. It is definitely 100% efficient after you put it on. I have seen it against several mosquito species used by many different people (myself included). Though its active duration time is recognized by different authorities as 6 hours, my personal experience always have exceeded more than 10 hours. That includes a testimony incidence of nearly 24-hour efficiency after taking a shower.

I am not familiar with any suspicions on Mosi-Guard natural active ingredient, Citriodiol. Furthermore, though it may not be the recommended instruction of use by the manufacturer, I use to spray my children bed when necessary. Even when Mosi-guard is not employed directly on their skin, it always secures them a full night of bite-less sleep.

The last issue to be considered by everyone when selecting their mosquito repellent is the odor. Mosi-Guard has great performance as described above, with a quite strong but reasonable odor – which I find to be tolerable. Still, each and every one of you should try and decide for himself!

Accordingly, I highly recommend Mosi-Guard as being the best mosquito repellent out there. It is available in spray, cream or stick per your preference. See here more information on natural mosquito repellents.

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