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How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House

The question “How to get rid of fleas in your house” usually makes many people worrying. This article is written to help you in your battle with the fleas.

Unfortunately, just washing your pets with a flea rinse, you won’t get rid of fleas in your house. During the flea lifecycle, only a small amount (nearly 5%) of fleas are living on your pets. The biggest part of fleas lives in your house and yard.  That’s why it’s very important to treat your pets, house and yard at the same day; otherwise your work will be pointless.

Follow the steps below and you will never recall this inconvenient situation again

Step 1

Put all the items related to your pets in the washing machine. Wash all the items your pets like to sleep and lie on and to play with. Remember that there are not only fleas but flea’s eggs, cocoons and excrements. If the items seam to be not salvageable throw it away. One flea cocoon releases nearly 1000 eggs and they will transform into fleas. That’s why if the cover of the sofa can be washed, it’s better to throw the bed and buy another one.

Step 2

It’s time to give your pets a bath. Be careful while choosing the shampoo! The shampoos containing conventional insecticides can irritate and ham your pet. The neck should be washed firstly because otherwise fleas can jump up to the head of your pet during the bath.

Use the flea killing product like a spot-on, flea-collar and oral medication. A spot-on is usually advised by the vet because they are designed both for controlling the adults and preventing larvae from transformation into adults. Collars are not very effective and can irritate the skin of your pet.

Use the combs that are designed to remove fleas. The teeth of these combs are close together enough to remove the fleas from the fur of your pet. Use only specifically designed combs because other combs won’t remove the fleas.

Step 3

Spray the methoprene or pyriproxyfen that contain an insect growth regulator (IGR). The presence of the IGR in the sprays increases their efficiency because the IGR prevents the larvae from transformation into adult fleas. These sprays are important because it’s impossible to clean the apartment of all the larvae.

Step 4

Vacuum cleaner will become your best weapon in the battle against the insects. Clean every surface of your house. Focus on the corners, the parts of the house which are very hard to reach, upholstered furniture and crevices in the floor. When you clean the house with your vacuum cleaner, you suck out eggs and larvae. When your vacuum cleaner is full, seal it outside in the plastic bag.

Step 5

Clean you yard. Find the way to expose dark areas of your yard to the sunshine. Don’t let your pets outside before doing this because fleas can jump on the pet and settle in your house again.

Final word

These steps are very important, don’t ignore any of them otherwise the fleas will be back. There is a variety of sprays and flea killing products for the pets in the market, pay attention to the composition and instruction written on the product’s sticker. Don’t try to save money buying the cheaper flea killing products. The question “how to get rid of fleas in your house” is more important that you think.

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