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How to Get Rid of Fleas?

Fleas are very famous unwelcome guests that probably everybody faced at least once in their entire life. Especially those people who are fond of having pets at home. They are known in the world as small wingless insects, external parasites that live off blood from mammals and birds. Be sure that it’s not an easy task and it takes so much patience and time. Fleas spend time to hide in your pet’s bedding, carpets, actually anywhere that seems to be a suitable shelter for them. What they do is pretty simple – they lay eggs which turn into larvae who later on feed adult fleas. Their life cycle shows that they are able to lay 30 eggs per one day. It certainly means their possibility to spread in one area for a really short period of time. If you don’t do anything with it, you’ll own a unique set of problems for a longer period of time. So it’s up to you to find out useful information about controlling and dealing with these insects.

If you start a war in getting rid of fleas, you can break their life cycle, just follow certain rules

  1. Clean your home. It’s only a beginning in fighting with insects. Pick up all rugs, carpets and pet’s beddings and wash them in soapy water as it kills eggs, larvae, pupae and adults. Take a vacuum cleaner and suck flea life of all surfaces around you. Don’t forget to spray everything with aerosol, flea bombs or foggers that kill all flea life immediately. Pay attention while cleaning preferably to dark places and areas. Once fleas have gone you can put insecticides away forever.
  2. Make your pet have a bath and treat your pets. Be attentive in choosing a flea shampoo because you can somehow harm your pet or even yourself. Wash pet’s head, ears and neck first, usually that area owns the most amount. Use a special comb that is made to brush off fleas, it’s more temporary measure, but still it works. Regularly take care of your pet and don’t forget that as an animal it needs much attention and dedication of your time.

Remember what means flea life cycle:

  1. Its population of any area comprises of approximately 50% of eggs, 35% of larvae, 10% of pupae and 5% of adult insects. This means that you need to kill each type if you seriously want to get rid of fleas;
  2. Laying eggs on pets, they are usually dropped off everywhere in your house;
  3. Adult insect may lay up to 600 eggs in its lifetime;
  4. In two weeks period you may notice fleas again, but don’t worry probably you notice those that were in pupa stage during treatment, so keep in mind that these insects can’t be killed at once.

Even in a spotless home or on the cleanest carpet fleas can be a problem. Treat your pet and your home, stop your pet feeling jumpy and scratching all the time. Sometimes even you may suffer from their bites, so you have noticed small tiny brown or black insects, start fighting with them, otherwise you may cause many serious damages to you pets or even to yourself. Take your time, learn main rules and principles and get rid of fleas, unfortunately, it’s not a war at once! This struggle demands your dedication, time and permanent treatment. Only afterwards you’ll see good results.

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