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How to Prevent Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can really be annoying because they impose inconvenience and harm to people. Basically, bed bugs are blood-feed, oval-shaped and brown-reddish insects that usually hide in crevices and cracks of places where there is fast and heavy turnout of population. Bed bug infestation can really be financially-damaging because they are really hard to get rid of. In fact, you may even need to move to a new house or apartment once bed bug infestation has started. But of course, there are effective methods on how to prevent bed bugs at home.

Regular checking of mattress, linens, cracks, crevices, carpets, pillows and sofa beds for the presence of bed bugs can help a lot in preventing bed bugs. When you detect the presence of bed bugs, washable items should be washed in a very high temperature. Fecal stains are the most common signs of bed bug infestation at home. Cleaning the house regularly is also an effective method on how to prevent bed bugs at home. By cleaning and vacuuming the house, you are able to reduce the hiding places of bed bugs.

Cleaning the bed is one of the most effective tips on how to prevent bed bugs. These insects usually thrive in places where people spent most of their time sleeping. When the victims sleep, bed bugs begin to attack by biting the uncovered skin. Bed bug bites can really be annoying because of its extreme itchiness and when scratched, it may swell. Therefore, beddings should be treated in very high temperature weekly to prevent the growth of bed bugs. Non-washable items should be placed in a dryer for more than 20 minutes. Infested furniture should be sprayed with eco-friendly insecticide regularly to prevent the growth of population of bed bugs. Repairing and sealing of crevices and cracks are also effective in preventing bed bug infestation.

During a trip, secure that you will stay in a hotel or apartment that does not have a record of bed bug infestation in the past. If you happen to stay in a place where bed bug infestation has occurred before, bed bugs may creep into your luggage and come with you at home which could be the start of bed bug infestation in your house. Bed bug registry provides a comprehensive, reliable, truthful and complete source of information about the bed bug infestation that has occurred in a number of hotels and apartments in various states. Bed bug registry serves as a guide to every traveler in choosing for the best apartment or hotel which has not been infested by bed bugs before. Using bed bug registry is one of the most useful ways on how to prevent bed bugs at home.

When buying for secondhand furniture especially from the outside of North America, inspect the item carefully for the presence of bed bugs. Insecticide should be sprayed to prevent bed bugs from entering the house. Also, as a vigilant homeowner, you should have multiple lines of defense against bed bugs. Sometimes, no matter how you try to control your surroundings to prevent bed bug infestation, it can still occur because some neighbors would not inform anyone in the neighborhood that they have been attacked by bed bugs. When this happens, extreme bed bug infestation can also happen in your place thereby requiring you to formulate effective ways on how to prevent bed bugs.

Getting rid of bed bugs can really be difficult if it is done alone. Hiring the services of a professional insect exterminator is an excellent choice on how to prevent bed bugs. Insect exterminators are equipped with ample experience and knowledge on how to prevent and get rid of bed bugs effectively. Also, they have an adept knowledge on how to deal with bugs in a natural and eco-friendly way. And more importantly, getting their services can prevent you from getting another apartment or house in the future.

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