Bug and Mosquito Solution Bug remedies How to Use BedBug Glue Strips & Glue Traps

How to Use BedBug Glue Strips & Glue Traps

If you have any suspicion of bed bugs – like waking up with red itchy bites or the presence of dark red spotting on your mattress, then your first step is to make sure you actually have bed bugs. That’s where bedbug glue strips can come in handy.

First off, it’s important to note that bedbug glue strips will NOT eliminate your bedbug problem. They may catch and trap quite a few bed bugs but they won’t eliminate all of the bedbugs. What they will do however is provide solid evidence that bedbugs are indeed the problem (and not something like mosquito’s or other bugs).

How Do Bed Bug Glue Strips Work?

It’s actually a pretty simple concept. You place glue strips or glue boards in and around where you suspect there are bed bugs – then you wait. It may take a few days but eventually (if you do have bed bugs) you will find the bed bugs stuck to the glue strip or board.

If you don’t get any signs of bed bugs on your glue strip within a week or two then the chances are pretty good you don’t have bed bugs – you should still do a thorough inspection to make sure.

Where Should I Put the Bed Bug Glue Strips?

One of the best places to put the glue strips is around the feet/legs of your bed frame. That way you’ll catch any bed bugs trying to make their way up the legs of your bed on their way to bite you (woohoo!).

Here are some other places to consider putting the glue strips:

  1. In front of and around any heating vents or ducts.
  2. Near old radiators and other items attached to the wall that may have small crevices for bedbugs to hide in.
  3. Directly in front of electrical outlets.
  4. Near the corners of your baseboards or molding (bed bugs love to hide here).

Are Bed Bug Traps Family & Pet Safe

You can rest assured that most – if not all – commercially available bed bug glue traps are safe for both family & pets. When you are purchasing bed bug traps however make sure to read the label to be certain that they will not harm your pets. Most glue traps contain nothing but glue but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a select few that may have poison or other harmful substances added.

If in doubt, check the label – it should say “Safe for Pets (& Family)”

Where Can You Buy Bed Bug Glue Strips

You can purchase glue strips at most local hardware stores for a reasonable price. Walmart is hit-or-miss, sometimes they have glue strips and sometimes they don’t – at least in my experience. You can also make glue traps at home by laying strips of double-sided tape on a piece of cardboard and paper but these aren’t nearly as effective.

Keep in mind when looking for glue strips that they won’t always be labeled as “bed bug” glue strips. With that said, most any ordinary glue strips for catching bugs (or even mice glue strips) will work fine. Try to find glue traps with a low profile so the bugs don’t have to climb over anything to get onto the glue.

You can also purchase glue traps online for a better price than you’ll find in any store. These glue traps are made specifically for bed bugs and work very well. I always keep a few laying around just to monitor for bed bug activity. I haven’t had any bed bugs lately but I’ve found all kinds of other gross bugs stuck in the traps!

Recommended Bed Bug Glue Traps (Bed Bug Patrol)

The bed bugs are lured onto the trap by your own warmth and carbon dioxide released while breathing at night. As they try to reach you from the bedposts, and chair legs, they will climb onto the trap and become immobilized immediately.

Once you have caught a majority of the bed bugs, the traps can either be replaced and a new one placed down, or they can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. No pesticide to worry about with pets and children.

Once the trap is finished you can simply dispose of it in the trash. These traps are 100% pesticide-free, non-toxic and disposable.

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