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What Kills Bed Bugs

Bud bugs populations throughout the world have explode during the first decade of the 21st century and many countries report problems with these parasitic creatures in hotels, college campuses public buildings and community residences. Once these blood-sucking insects get a foot hold inside of a person’s home or place of business they can be somewhat difficult to eliminate. What kills bed bugs and causes their populations to be permanently eliminated? There are a variety of methods that can be used to rid a particular structure of bed bugs and each can be effectively used according to the conditions of the infestation.

Experts do agree that the best way to eliminate bed bugs is by using the services a professional exterminating company. Exterminators or pest management professionals are experienced with detecting and removing bed bugs and they should be contacted when a serious infestation occurs. They usually understand what kills bed bugs and they use pesticides and equipment that will wipe out or at least seriously reduce their numbers.

Professional exterminators also recommend that people keep their homes free from clutter as much as possible. This won’t necessarily eliminate bed bugs but it will reduce the number of places where they can hide. With less hiding places to run to, bed bug populations will be easier to find and destroy. Since pest management professionals knows what kills bed bugs and reducing the amount of clutter within a building or home will help to make their jobs a lot easier.

Infested bedding and clothing can be bagged and laundered in extremely hot water that is at least 120 degrees. Infested clothing and toy items can also be placed inside of a dryer set at a high temperature. Extreme cold is what kills bed bugs since they cannot survive in freezing temperatures more than a 7 day time period. The temperature has to be below 32 degrees to be effective.

General housecleaning measures are what kills bed bugs when they’re used for this purpose. Running the vacuum or a commercial steamer can quickly suck up bed bugs and contain them within a unit. The only problem with this method is that vacuum or steamer unit will probably have to be discarded after use since the bugs are hard to remove. Some exterminators have freezing equipment that will suspend the bed bugs on contact allowing them to be vacuumed up with relative ease. When bed bugs are eliminated in this manner they usually don’t stick to the insides of a machine.

What kills bed bugs too is completely removing them from a residence or public building and then discarding them in a special designated dumping site. Wrapping the removed items with plastic or some other type of covering will greatly reduce the chances of another occurring infestation. Insecticide is what kills bed bugs as well as the other methods and they can be effective with wiping out these creatures. Insecticide can be used in the form of baits, sprays and aerosols. Individuals who frequently travel should periodically inspect their luggage, their rooms and their other personal belongings in order to ensure that they aren’t carrying bed bugs to different destinations.

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