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Where do Bed Bugs Come From

Bed bugs are parasitic creatures that have been around since ancient times. There are many different species of bed bugs and the type that is commonly found in homes and public buildings are called cimex lectularius. When people migrated across the Earth from Africa, Asia and Europe they carried various types of bed bugs with them while on their journey. Many of these creatures were not detected and they eventually began to inhabit other areas of the Earth such as North and South America and Australia. Ancient cultures such as the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians were some of the first people to wonder where do bed bugs come from and they began to discover and record information about these creatures.

Bed bugs became a problem at various times in history and it wasn’t until World War II that many nations had almost completely rid the world of bed bugs. Many military bases were encountering severe infestations and they began to wonder where do bed bugs come from since there were so many of them that were causing problems all over the globe during this time period in history. This prompted military leaders to use a large amount of pesticides to destroy the bugs. They used pesticides against the insects and all but wiped them out. For many years after the Second Great War the bugs were not a problem but they once again started to show up in homes and public structures during the 1990s.

As more people traveled across the world bed bugs were transported internationally to different parts of the globe. Bedbugs traveled on peoples clothing and in their luggage. Once travelers stayed overnight at hotels they began to slowly expand within these buildings and as more guests used the facilities the bugs were finding new hosts. Hotel owners and staff began to wonder where do bed bugs come from and began to investigate the problem. Their findings suggested that hotel guests would take the bugs with them as they traveled throughout the world. They also concluded the bugs went back home with travelers and that the bugs would eventually leave local residences and show up in places like college dorms, motels and fitness clubs.

For many years the bed bug infestation wasn’t a noticeable problem and it wasn’t until the 2000s that the bugs began to show up at many hotels, local residences and public facilities all throughout the world. A lot of bugs began to appear and people were really wondering where do bed bugs come from. As people visited their neighbors they spread the bugs to different homes. As college age students left their homes to attend school they transported the bed bugs to campuses all over the world.

Bed bugs are found in cracks and crevices of many bedrooms and they can also live in furniture. Keeping a home clean doesn’t necessarily stop a bed bug infestation but it will significantly slow it down to where the bugs won’t have a lot of hiding places. Bed bugs are also known to hide in mattresses and along a bed’s frame or headboard. Many people in neighborhood residences began to wonder where do bed bugs come from and why are these creatures causing so much of a problem to local residences.

Once bed bugs are in a home they will more than likely infect a person’s clothing and if that individual does their laundry out in public they can spread the bugs to other people. Public laundry mats can be excellent breeding grounds for bed bug infestations. Once bed bugs infiltrate a residence or public building they can rapidly spread. Many governments all over the world have wondered about where do bed bugs come from since they have begun to reappear all over the world. They are now taking efforts to keep these creatures under control and they are also informing the public how to rid homes and public buildings of bed bugs as well.

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